The Biggest Party in the World – Carnival of Rio de Janeiro

By iFunny Diverti • Rio de Janeiro • 2 Feb 2014

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
Throughout the colonial period the diversions that occurred in the city of Rio de Janeiro during the carnival did not differ from those found in other urban centers . A whole series of jokes gathered under the term Shrove could be found in the streets and houses in the town .

In the late eighteenth century, these amusements consisted primarily in After the Independence of Brazil , Rio’s elite decides to depart from the Lusitanian past and enhance the approach to the new capitalist powers . The city and Parisian culture are the parameters to guide the fashions and manners to be imported. Currently , its Carnival is officially considered the largest in the world by the Guinness Book , with approximately 2 million people per day in the street blocks .

Samba schools
In the late 1920s Brazil sought to create an identity that differentiate it within the new world order established after the First World War . The concept of blackness stood worldwide valuing the black cultural productions such as African art and jazz . The carnival party and the new rate of newly emerged black base , samba , would become the basis for the formulation of a sense of Brazilianness . The appreciation of the samba and the blackness eventually increasing interest in the new intelligentsia ” samba groups ” that appeared in the carioca hills . This group would perform ” asphalt ” , ie , away from the ghettos of the hills , being called samba schools .

Treated initially as a kind of curiosity “folk ” , these groups were , little by little , captivating Rio society with its remarkable pace , with the unexpected sound of his cabrochas and with popular themes of his lyrics .
Maintained for decades as secondary elements of carnival revelry carioca , the samba schools acquire greater prominence from the 1950s , with the incorporation of the middle class to the parades , a consequence of closer links between schools and leftist intellectuals .

From there they galgariam the ladder of success to become the great national carnival event.



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Brazil Rio de Janeiro – The Biggest Party in the World – Carnival of Rio de Janeiro

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